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Hello!  I'm Maija

I help mums and dads create nutrition and lifestyle habits that stick so they can get the great health, energy and mood they need for family life without restrictive diets or family drama.

The game-changer I’ve learned on my own journey to full energy, even mood and well-functioning hormones is having guidance and support focused on you specifically - your symptoms, your life impacts, your goals. It’s the difference between constantly going round in circles fighting symptoms with trial and error and following a purpose-designed roadmap to move beyond them.

My whole-person approach and 5-step Foundation Framework takes you through all the factors that keep you stuck with the health you have, helping you to finally deal with your list of symptoms and get the health you need to build the future you want.

As a mum of three I know that family life can be a bit of a juggling act and just how many directions a parent can be pulled in, often at the same time!  Having the energy, mood and vitality to keep the whole machine well-oiled and running smoothly is truly game-changing, for you and your family.


I'm ready to help you reach your best health today.

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