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Long before I qualified from the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health as a Health Coach (2012) and a Nutritional Therapist (2017) I experienced the profound power of diet and lifestyle changes to improve my own health.  I shed the IBS, anxiety, hormonal roller-coaster and insomnia I’d suffered for almost 20 years by changing my diet and lifestyle habits, and in doing so I completely transformed my life.  

Now, as a professional in the field, I empower my clients to take responsibility for, and control of, their good health. I inspire them to believe that it is possible to transform and provide them with the clinical and coaching guidance to allow them to achieve that transformation and to embed it in their life so it becomes 'just what they do' i.e. permanent, sustainable good health through being in tune with their bodies and understanding the impact of the nutrition and lifestyle choices they make.

I created Foundation Health to share my passion for nutrition and lifestyle choices as the foundation for health and happiness. My mission is to support you to achieve your best health and give you the skills to keep it. Let my passion and expertise guide your transformation.

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