How much time do I need to commit to complete a programme?

Supporting your body’s ability to rebalance is not a quick fix.  Your wellness programme with Foundation Health will be designed to cover the different aspects that may be contributing to your unique health circumstance, including diet, stress, exposure to toxins, physical activity and sleep.  You may have a lot to unwind or simply a few things to tweak.  In general appointments are 4-6 weeks apart to allow you time to integrate the changes suggested into your life.  The minimum commitment for sustained change is three appointments.  


Will I need to undergo tests?

We always start with the diet and lifestyle factors that may be impacting your health. However it may be useful to assess aspects of your health status using accredited laboratory tests which would be discussed with you in your consultation.  Testing is an optional extra and charges vary depending on the type of test.

Do you work with children?

Yes. Children are often quite quick responders to nutritional and lifestyle interventions.  That being said any programme designed for a child must have the full commitment of the parent/s to provide the child ongoing support at home to get the best possible benefit.  All children must be accompanied by a parent / guardian at each appointment.

Can I claim Nutritional Therapy sessions on my health insurance?

Yes.  On selected plans Irish Life Health members can claim a contribution towards the cost of attending a Nutritional Therapist who is registered with the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI).  I am a full practicing member of the NTOI.


Can I bring a support person with me?

Yes.  Making sustained change can be difficult to begin with.  If there is someone in your life who will really help you to make the commitment to your health improvement they are welcome to attend with you.

I know I need to improve my health but I don’t really know how to start.  Can you help me?

Yes!  Start by making an appointment! Working with a qualified Nutritional Therapist ensures that you have a professional partner who will consider your specific circumstances on the journey to unravel your health concerns to identify root causes and triggers.  Together we will create an achievable action plan to move you towards your best health. 

I’ve tried making diet changes in the past and have not been successful.  Can you help me?

Yes! By working together to create a plan specifically for you with the level of support and ‘check-in’ that you require you will be able to create new habits and integrate them into your life.