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Customer Testimonials


Brigitte - Marketing Executive, mum of three

With Maija's support not only did I lose weight and improve my body shape, I gained the confidence to make the best choices for me and the energy to get back to living my life.  My husband said that the version of me he married came back and my kids told me I was a whole new person - calm, energetic and FUN!

Stephen - Business Owner, dad of two

Your holistic approach is great, food is only a part of the problem with me. My energy levels are way up, my eating of good foods is normal now, my improvement in sleep is great too.  My results are sustainable for me and work in with the family dynamic!

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Niall - Account Manager, dad of three

I feel bionic!  My clothes fit again which makes me feel brilliant. My mood is so much better and I feel confident that I can maintain this into the future


“I have been very impressed with Maija’s knowledge, skill and dedication as a Nutritional Therapist and Personal Health Coach.  She walks the talk!”

Hilde Eiselen; 

Neuro-transformational Coach & Wellness Specialist


"Thank you for sharing your expertise with the kids at school.  There was zero resistance to my son eating his veggies at dinner! Just shows that it doesn’t have to be a battle and can get them on board with some understanding. I really appreciate your time and effort."

Cara, mum of 5 year-old

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