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Introducing Maija

Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach

I help mums and dads create nutrition and lifestyle habits that stick so they can get the great health, energy and mood they need for family life without restrictive diets or family drama.

Working with me is about creating the best possible environment for you to thrive.  Together we'll consider all the factors that impact your health and build a path specifically for you to gain freedom from:

  • Your Symptoms

  • Anxiety about your future health

  • The hurdles that stand in your way

  • The feeling that you're just getting old and tired

Gain the energy, calm mood and robust good health you need to fully live your life by working with me to build your ability and confidence to make great diet and lifestyle choices for yourself and your family.

If you know your future would be happier, healthier and more fun if you could just feel better and knew how to do it then you're in the right place!  With my guidance and support, tailored to your needs, you can get the health you need to live the life you love.


"I’d been feeling awful for so long that when you said you could help me feel better I didn’t really believe you – I am completely amazed at the turnaround in how I’m feeling and how much more energy I have after just one week of working with you!" 

Supported to:

Reduce fibromyalgia symptoms; improve energy; improve fitness for sport; reduce stress



"Thanks so much Maija. Your coaching and support has had a significant impact on my life and has greatly improved the eating habits of our whole family.  I’m delighted to have taken that first step in contacting you."


Supported to:

Balance hormones; improve healthy eating; increase knowledge and skills to support long-term good health