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You’re here because you want to 

feel better

You’ve had enough of 

  • Waking up every day feeling tired

  • Dealing with constant changes in moods and energy

  • Suffering with stomach problems and headaches

  • Trying to manage creeping weight gain and unruly hormones

  • Worrying about your health and the health you want your kids to have 

  • Feeling disappointed that you can't get the results you want

I’m passionate about helping mums and dads who feel stuck in their health work out why and take action to feel better, in a way that fits into their life.


I work with clients who

  • Feel tired, stressed out, too heavy and on a roller coaster going from quick fix to quick fix

  • Want to know what nutrition and lifestyle changes will work for them and how to make them stick

  • Feel overwhelmed with the vast amount of information telling us how to “be healthy” and don’t know where to start

  • Feel they haven't seen the results they want from the diets, exercise programmes and Google searches they've tried before


With my holistic nutrition and lifestyle expertise I’ll cut through the chaff to give you guidance that’s specific to you and your goals.  Coupled with my coaching approach you can be assured that you’ll get the manageable actions and accountability you need to overcome the things that hold you back and to see real progress. 


Together we’ll find a way to make your journey enjoyable and sustainable to create the outcomes you’re looking for.

Because when all the contributors to our wellness come together in a way that we can fit into our life

  • we glow from the inside out

  • we feel ease and joy

  • we move with grace 

  • we’re energetic and fun

  • we inhabit a body we like

  • we have time for ourselves and for those we love

Put simply, we eat well, we think well and we feel well

My 5-step Foundation Framework

to looking and feeling amazing, for good


Get clear on why you are where you are; what stops you from making shifts and what you want to achieve


Identify the areas you most need to address


Get personalised and holistic advice to help you feel better


Get the accountability and support you need to take action


Create a plan for the future and leave with the skills you need to make it happen

Using my 5-step Foundation Framework I can help you to 

  • Have the energy you need to juggle all the balls every day​

  • Sleep through the night and wake feeling ready for the day ahead

  • Be in harmony with your hormones

  • Feel calm and positive about the thrills and spills of family life

  • Achieve a healthy body shape

  • Confidently nourish yourself and your family

Get the support you need to succeed

Wouldn’t it be great if someone just listened to what you want for your health, helped you identify and overcome the things that hold you back and created a plan that was easy to follow and, more importantly, fit into your life to turn it all around? 


I strongly believe that the only way to give yourself the gift of consistent energy, regular good mood and a body you like is to take a holistic look at all the areas that contribute to your well-being and address each one you find to be out of balance: how you eat, how you move, how you rest, how you relax and how you manage stress.


Take away the hard work and overwhelm by choosing the level of support that best suits you to get

  • A sustainable health shift without a restrictive 'diet'

  • An achievable plan that puts your needs front and centre

  • An approach that considers all the factors that impact your health

  • The skills you need to create your best health

  • The support you need to stay on track

Choose the plan that's right for you


for a kick-start

Cut through the conflicting advice and diet hype to find out where to start and how to get going.


for self-care and family life

Gives you practical diet and lifestyle strategies that you can consistently stick to so that you can get your energy back, feel calmer and rest well at night.


for hormone, gut and weight balance

Get the multi-level support you need to move away from the gut and hormone issues that stop you from showing up in your life in the way that you want.

medium-res new blue.png

My programmes are tailored to your needs and designed to take the 'hard' out of being healthy.  I'm with you 100% of the way; to keep you on track, to help you when the going gets tough and to join you in celebration of your successes!

Don’t know which one’s right for you?  Book a complimentary clarity call to get clear on your goals and the level of support you need to achieve them.


What my clients say


"Thanks so much Maija. Your coaching and support has had a significant impact on my life and has greatly improved the eating habits of our whole family.  I’m delighted to have taken that first step in contacting you."

Florence, mum of three

Are you my ideal client?

​If you’re invested in creating your vibrant future I've got you covered.  Together we'll take away the ifs and the buts that have stopped you in the past by creating a programme just for you that is fun, friendly and achievable.  


My job is to guide and support you to focus on the right things to improve your health and help you to leave the programme with the skills to keep it.


Your job is to commit to yourself and your programme 100% so that you can use the time we have together to really embed those actions and skills into your life.


You’re a perfect fit for what I offer if:

  • You want a combination of both straight-talking practical advice and coaching support to help you where you’re getting stuck. 

  • You value a holistic approach that considers you as a whole person and not a bag of isolated symptoms.

  • You’re prepared to commit to yourself and make your needs a priority. 

  • You’re ready to change things up to move out of the rut you’re in and into a space where you’re really thriving. 


In that case, let’s do it!  Book a complimentary clarity call with me to get clear on your goals and determine the level of support you need to achieve them.

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