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Who do I work with?

You're here because you know you need to do something different


You've started to think (maybe even worry) about what path your health will take in the future and about what kind of health you want your kids to have. 

You've tried stuff in the past to improve your health but it was too hard to fit into your life.

You're overwhelmed by the amount of health and lifestyle 'information' available and just want to know how what's right for you and how to make it stick.

You're sick of waking up to another day of feeling tired, moody and rubbish.

Imagine if you had the support you need to feel better


A problem shared is a problem halved, so the saying goes.  Imagine what your day would look like if you could feel 50% better, or more.

Imagine if you could take away the guesswork and confusion about what next steps to take and instead follow a plan created to address your needs.

Imagine if you could be supported to overcome the things that have kept you stuck in your current state of health.

Imagine if the changes you need to make could be integrated into how you live your life every day.

Imagine the freedom of having the health you want to fully live your life.

I work with mums and dads who:

  • Want to make better health decisions but feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start or what to do

  • Feel like they're doing 'all the things' to be healthier but aren't getting the results they want

  • Want to be able to make good health choices that will fit in with family life

So that they have the energy, mood and confidence to live their life to the full and lead their kids to do the same.

How do I help?

1:1 Private Coaching
12 week programme

This is where the magic happens - it's your personalised plan to be:

Focused on the right things to improve your health 

Motivated to create new habits that stick

Committed to yourself

Successful at addressing your health hurdles

Confident that you can build the health future you want

The programme is tailored to your needs and designed to take the 'hard' out of being healthy.  I'm with you 100% of the way; to keep you on track, to help you when the going gets tough and to join you in celebration of your successes!


It's my aim that your programme is fun, friendly and achieveable.  I'm here to guide and support you to take action to improve your health throughout and leave with the skills to keep it.


With Maija's support not only did I lose weight and improve my body shape, I gained the confidence to make the best choices for me and the energy to get back to living my life.  My husband said that the version of me he married came back and my kids told me I was a whole new person - calm, energetic and FUN!

Brigitte; marketing executive, mum of three

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