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Private coaching

12 week programme

With my proven 5-step Foundation Framework we'll address all the factors that impact your health:

  • Food

  • Fitness

  • Lifestyle factors

  • Rest

  • Relaxation

This unique approach is CRUCIAL to building sustainable, life-long good health.  It's targetted and tailored to help you achieve your best health and gain the skills to keep it.

If you do it right, you do it once.

Inside the programme

Over the 12-week period we'll look at all the factors that contribute to the health you have:

  • what you eat

  • how you move your body

  • where your stress comes from

  • what you do for fun

  • what influences your health choices

  • what gets in your way

This is like nothing you've tried before.  This whole-person framework is custom tailored for your circumstances.  The flexible approach means that you set the pace.  You get the coaching and materials you need when you are ready which means you won't be overwhelmed and gives you the best chance of building habits that stick.  The fortnightly coaching contact means you stay on track and have the support to deal with your health blockers as they occur.  


Niall; Account Manager, dad of three

I feel bionic!  My clothes fit again which makes me feel brilliant. My mood is so much better and I feel confident that I can maintain this into the future

Together at the Top

Use the 5-step Foundation Framework

To build the

happiest, healthiest, confident version of you.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-15 at 18.06_edited.jpg

Stephen; Business Owner, dad of two

Your holistic approach is great, food is only a part of the problem with me. My energy levels are way up, my eating of good foods is normal now, my improvement in sleep is great too.  My results are sustainable for me and work in with the family dynamic!

This programme is for you if

  • You want a sustainable health shift without a restrictive 'diet'

  • You want an achievable plan and clear actions that will help you feel better

  • You're more than a list of symptoms and want to be treated as a whole person

  • You're looking to develop the confidence and skills you need to create your best health

  • You want someone to help you stay on track

The only way to build the future you want is to invest in your health

Imagine if

  • You could have the energy you need to juggle all the balls every day​

  • You could sleep through the night and wake feeling ready for the day ahead

  • You felt calm and positive about the thrills and spills of family life

  • You could confidently take care of your health and your family's

  • You knew how to fit healthy habits into your life so it becomes 'just what you do'

  • You could have the health you need to build the future you want 

You've got this

Together we'll take away the if's and the buts that have stopped you in the past. 


When we go deep into your health using the 5-step Foundation Framework we'll create a personalised strategy for your exact needs to move towards the health you want.  And we'll create the time, space and support for you to see it through.

If you want to invest in creating your vibrant future I've got you covered.

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