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Are you virus ready?

And I don’t mean have you cleaned out your local supplier of toilet paper and dried pasta.

Foundational Immunity

How we nourish ourselves is foundational to having good immunity. Eating a wide range of whole or minimally-processed foods with an emphasis on seasonal locally-sourced vegetables provides us with a broad spectrum of nutrients that build our immunity. Although it is tempting to make sure our cupboards are stocked with bread and pasta in case we are forced into lockdown this is not really helpful from an immunity perspective. Instead why not use this ‘waiting period’ we’re in to make some nutritious soups for your freezer. Heat a chopped onion, 3-4 types of veg, a can of beans, and some chicken or vegetable broth in a pot with some ginger or turmeric and whizz them together. That’s ‘souper’ easy and hugely immune supporting.

Eating a balance of healthy fats is also really important to immunity. Avoid stocking your pantry with highly processed, ready-made convenience food which is often jammed with harmful fats and pop some salmon, mackerel, olives and avocado into your shopping trolley, sacrificing a couple of loo rolls if you have to!

Immunological Fitness

Being physically fit is reflected in the fitness of our immune system. However, we have to strike a balance because over-training can be quite detrimental to our immunity. Fundamentally the key is to get out and move your arms and legs for about 30 minutes 4-5 times a week in a way that is joyful to you and leaves you a little bit puffed but feeling a pleasant buzz of fitness, not completely drained or gasping. It’s even more immune strengthening if you can do this by the seaside or in a forest setting and feel the sunshine at the same time.

Reduce Stress

We tend to be our own worst enemies when it comes to limiting our exposure to stress and yet for the most part our stress reaction is completely within our control. Easier said than done in this time of heightened concern but if we can keep our focus on those things we can influence and not give too much time over to those things we cannot our immunity will be better for it. Simply starting and ending our day by sitting quietly and taking 10 deep, slow breaths to fill our lungs completely and then fully expel the air is hugely beneficial for supporting our immune function.

Of course, we can actually use this virus alert to our advantage too – a perfect excuse to self-isolate from those circumstances that drain our precious energetic or emotional resources!

So when you plan your next trip to the shops to buy enough bread and toilet paper to line the inside of your bunker look after your immunity by parking about 15 minutes’ walk away, choose a sunny day to it and make sure you’ve got an extra bag for the fresh veggies! And in the immortal words of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy…Don’t Panic.

To find out how a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan can improve your immunity or respiratory function click here to book a free First Steps consultation session.


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