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When is the right time to detox?

There’s no doubt that spring feels like a good time to renew yourself. Everywhere you go there are signs of gorgeous green tips and a vibe in the air that just can’t be repeated at any other time of the year.

And if you’re feeling the ‘spring renewal’ pull to detox right now, then go for it.

But if a week of green smoothies or restricting yourself to water and baby spinach is not your bag then I’ve got a good news detox secret for you!

You can actively detox every day of your life, without any hard work at all. Imagine!

Living a life with energy, good mood, positivity and a body you like (!) doesn’t require some hard core, grimace-inducing method to drag yourself out of a funk once a year.

What it does require is a focus geared towards health-supportive choices that you can work into your life and an unconditional commitment to yourself that you deserve to thrive. (This is a commitment we should make to our kids too, truth be told, as physical, intellectual and emotional foundations for adult development are laid in early childhood and hugely influenced by how that developing body and brain is nourished).

Exposure to toxins is a by-product of living and a daily occurrence. Normal body processes produce compounds that need to be safely deactivated and disposed of, once they have done their job. The food and drink we consume needs to be detoxified. And then there’s all the other things we’re impacted by: OTC medications, prescription drugs, toxic metals, traffic pollution, bacteria, alcohol, plastic food wraps and plastic bottles, cleaning chemicals, smoking, mould, make-up, skin lotions and even the chemicals in our homes (furniture, carpets and walls) and the clothes we wear.

Even though we are exposed constantly, detoxing is something our bodies naturally do, in multiple ways, all the time. It’s the balance between the two that’s key.

This is why I don’t subscribe to the Annual (or Seasonal) Detoxifying Event concept.

If the exposure is constant, then so too must be our support of those bits of our bodies that reduce the impact of those toxins, by protection or elimination.

And really, it’s much more pleasant to do it this way and soooo much easier to achieve - doing a little bit all the time so that your detox ‘effort’ becomes a lifestyle choice. More energy, less bloating, a clearer mind (and skin!) and a sense of vigour become your standard way of operating instead of only gaining a short boost in these justafter a concentrated detox attempt.

How to do a Daily Detox

Support your kidneys and liver. Eating as wide a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit as you can manage is essential to a well-supported detox process. They provide protective antioxidants as well as directly supporting these important detoxifying organs. (Extra bonus, supporting your liver is also important to maintaining a healthy weight.) Nuts, seeds and lentils are worth adding too. Water is crucial. Try to drink more fresh, clean water or organic herbal teas every day than you do coffee, tea, artificially-sweetened drinks (including ‘natural’ sweeteners) and alcohol. If you think you’re going to struggle to cut these things down, then simply start by drinking a glass of water before every cup/glass of these drinks.

Reduce the load. Consider how much stuff you put on or in your body that’s chemical-laden and remove it or swap it out. Get away from the streets and walk in the hills to breathe clean air deeply on a regular basis.

Sleep well. The processes that sweep out your metabolic debris (the by-products of normal body functions) and renew your cells happen mostly when you sleep, so 7-8 hours of restful, continuous sleep is a necessary part of your daily detox.

Move your body. Exercise helps your bowels work efficiently to remove waste products (including excess hormones) and helps you sleep better. Even 20 minutes a day of gentle aerobic activity has beneficial effects so consider a brisk walk, swimming, a light jog or a yoga class.

It’s my mission to help you find vibrant good health in a way that is long-term sustainable for you. To find out more about how you can work with me click here.


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