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Treat yourself!

If I was to offer you a way of treating yourself to a lifetime of great health and happiness would you take it?

Of course you would – health, happiness and treats! What a fantastic combination!

Recently a friend said to me “I bet you never treat yourself, do you?” It was my first response to say that I do. I enjoy a glass of wine, a gin and tonic, a cup of great coffee; I love ice-cream, or in fact anything that comes with cream! Oh and don’t even mention Bailey’s cheesecake…..

However, I didn’t actually get the chance to answer because it turned out that the question was rhetorical, “No, just look at you, of course you don’t”. (As an aside, skinny people get chronically unwell too.)

This led me to think about our attitude towards treats. I don’t ‘treat’ myself in the way my friend meant very often – I actually live by the proper definition of a treat as an occasional thing. But more importantly, what I do is treat myself every day to a future of good health and happiness through my regular, habitual choices. To me it’s a daily treat to have the energy to deal with the roller coaster that is having a household dominated by small kids; it is a daily treat to be able to get out of bed feeling that I’m able to handle whatever comes my way; it’s a daily treat to feel hopeful and vibrant and know that I can make a positive contribution to myself, to my family and friends, my clients and even perhaps to a passerby; it’s a daily treat to know that I will not face a crumbling old age….or by current frightening statistics a crumbling middle age.

I treat myself to a vibrant, energetic, positive future every day through my habitual thoughts and actions to nourish my body and mind. I operate with the confidence that I am in tune with my body. This treat, whilst not available on the supermarket shelf, is readily attainable by everyone with the guidance and motivational support that suits each individual. And here’s a little secret; when you can really hear what your body is saying, willpower and denial take a back seat. You too will find that it becomes effortless to live a vibrant, energetic, positive life.

Take a look around you. How many people in your acquaintance can you say are truly well? I firmly believe that being able to count yourself in the group of people who radiate health and vitality, who seem to hum with a calm but purposeful energy, is the treat. And when you’re in that group of course there’s always room for the occasional bit of cheesecake laced with liqueur.

To have me help you clear the path to your well-nourished and vibrant future simply click here to get in touch.


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