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Fuel your success: 3 simple tips for better energy

That low energy funk has got to be one of the worst feelings doesn’t it?

Being so wrecked that you’re willing aliens to land on your lawn and take your kids for the afternoon – sometimes being so wrecked that you swear you actually saw the aliens… wait, that was just the kids having somehow managed to get hold of the lipstick you haven’t worn for months and wearing it out on their faces! (Happy summer holidays!!)

It’s these times when we know that we’re going to choose whatever quick fix will get us through and keep the wolves from the door – a rushed cuppa and a biscuit usually hitting the spot. But all too often this only serves to give us a quick boost followed by another period of exhaustion and low motivation and in reality instead of feeding ourselves, we’ve only fed the vicious cycle that actually keeps us tired and crabby, heavy and hormonal.

So what’s the secret to getting off this hamster wheel successfully? Here’s 3 simple steps to do it:

Be prepared

Go to the supermarket with a list based off your weekly meal plan so you know you’re only buying what you need. Be sure to have a sustaining meal or snack before you go to the supermarket so you’re not doing the shopping hungry – this is a really simple way to naturally reduce your likelihood to seek out those high-sugar or highly-processed quick fix things. Leave your kids with someone else (preferably not the aliens parked on your lawn). It’s so much easier to stay on track if you only have to deal with your own tendency for diversion and not everyone else’s too!

Be organised

What’s in your fridge / cupboards? Have you got good choices for food prep to hand?

Having sliced veggies, hardboiled eggs, cut up roast meats, hummus available as quick-meal or snack choices ready to go can make a huge difference.

You can store those things easily in your fridge using rectangle or square glass storage containers. As an added bonus, simply moving away from storing your food and drink in plastic is hugely helpful for balancing your hormones by reducing the amount of hormone-harmful toxins you ingest. And don’t be fooled by BPA-free, that’s only one of many toxic substances that leeches out of plastic, so choose glass or stainless steel.

Be choosey

Consciously choose what you eat, even when it’s ‘grab and go’. Consider the value in your food. Is it healthy? What’s the level of sugar, processed oils or salt in it? How will you feel after you’ve eaten it? Will it satisfy your hunger? Will you end up feeling tired or irritable half an hour later? Take a moment to consider is it really working to support your energy and your mood?

Think of it this way: food is fuel. You’d be in a right mess if you accidentally put petrol in your diesel car and because of that you’re careful about how you fuel it. Following these 3 steps I’ve outlined here will really help you to be just as careful about how you fuel yourself to be on your game every day!

I'm a nutrition-focussed holistic health expert and a mother of three. If you'd like to get more of this practical advice from me on improving your energy, evening out your hormones and mood so you can keep the family machine running smoothly straight to your inbox then I invite you to join the mailing list


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