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Find your perfect fit: Why no diet is one size fits all

what's the right diet?

Trying to work out how to get the health you want can be a bit like finding the perfect pair of shoes.

It can take some effort; certainly it requires visiting more than one shop and trying on countless styles, different heel heights and colours.

And what's more, we all well know that the perfect shoe doesn't stay with us forever. It wears out, or becomes unsuitable over time. What suited me well in my 20's when I was a promising corporate Wonder Woman and could run from meeting to meeting in skinny, high, baby blue snakeskin slingbacks (OMG I loved, loved, loved those shoes), three children and a couple of decades later would now cause exactly the kind of misstep that would leave me trying to manage the overloaded washing basket with a leg in a cast.

As with the shoes, our own perfect diet and lifestyle decisions also change with time and are impacted by our lifestage, stress level, energy demands, the environmental impacts on our bodies and burden of dis-ease that we exist with at any given time.

It's impossible to shoehorn the weird and wonderful collection of people that we are into a fixed diet mantra. We are not, as humans, one size fits all.

There are a small handful of broad exceptions of course - I will likely always tell you in a consultation that you could do with more vegetables. It's rare to come across someone who eats sufficient variety and quantity (including vegetarians). And to be frank alcohol and smoking suit exactly no-one - even though I enjoy a glass of wine I can categorically state that we are better off without them. Yes, we'd all do well with regular exercise. But even this isn't so cut and dry as the type, time and intensity needs to be matched to our own body’s requirements.

Cutting through all the noise of the industrial diet-celebrity-food production-pharmaceutical-supplement complex takes some doing. With so much confusing, conflicting, piecemeal and generic information bombarding us it's very hard to work out the right approach for each of us personally - one that will support our particular health goals and that we can actually integrate into our lives. And whatever your bestie / sister / uncle's glamorous wife swears by might not work for you at all. It's disheartening and downright demotivating.

To have the health you want you must first understand the health you have.

That means how your own unique body, life impacts, habits and choices have set the basis for how you feel today. Your path to gain and keep the health you want will be just as specific and unique to you.

How would your life change if you could be confident that your choices were the perfect colour, style, heel height and fit for you and that you no longer had to waste your time trying things that don’t work? To find out how a personalised, guided, whole-person approach would would transform the health you have into the health you want book a complimentary clarity call to talk to me about your needs.

P.S. I'll never suggest the 'fun-free' one!


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