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Did you eat pancakes today?

I did too!

Mostly this was driven by my children’s delight of pancakes and sure, isn’t today World Pancake Day? That’s how the conversation has been going in my house for over a week in the build up to The Day Mum Makes Pancakes. However, keen to enlighten my nearest and dearest – on ways to reduce the load on ourselves and our planet – I got to talking about what Pancake Tuesday actually means. And through the circular ways of conversations with children we eventually came to the point – about how we can jump off the pancake springboard and into a period of some altruistic good.

Plenty of you will know someone who is giving up chocolate / sugar / wine / muffins [insert appropriate ‘treat’ item here] for Lent, maybe you are even doing it yourself. How about we turn that into something of a movement? Let’s say we give up a different kind of processed food that comes in plastic every week for the next 6 weeks? For the health of ourselves and the health of our planet surely this is a sacrifice we can all willingly, and enthusiastically, make!

Incidentally, I made my pancakes with gluten-free flours, non-dairy milk and beautiful fresh eggs from The Fabulous Hen Friend (my friend who keeps hens, this is not the name of a shop – although it is a cool name for a shop if I do say so myself!). Served with a choice of nut butter and sliced banana, “Daddy’s jam” (homemade from our blackcurrants giving plant to plate processing control) or local raw honey.

So, I’m off to check out my press, fridge and freezer and find my first victim!

If you’re keen to join me and know others who will be too, share this post, give it a thumbs up and comment below with your progress!

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