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Home Learning Survival Guide Part 2

Here we are, Home Learning Survival Guide Part 2. I hope you’ve found that integrating the nurturing actions from Part 1 into your day was easier that you thought and that you’re feeling better for it!

Approaching adversity feeling energised and with a sense of calm makes it much more likely that the outcome will be good. Right now it’s pretty easy to feel out of control, conspired against, brow beaten and just downright beeped off. Our power and the pride we have in ourselves is gained or lost by how we choose to respond - and that is always within our control.

At a very basic level, what we choose to nourish ourselves with is completely within our control. If sugar, salt and hydrogenated vegetable oils are the go to for ourselves or our kids when the chips are down then everyone’s walking on quicksand. On the other hand, choosing a regular supply of colourful, unprocessed, fresh produce gives us all really solid foundations for even energy and a calm mind (household peace and happiness sound like something you’d like more of?) I love the feeling of confidence that comes from knowing that when I am, or my kids are, tempted to raid the fridge / pantry that our choices are good ones. For example, a couple of dessert spoons of natural yoghurt with some sliced banana or kiwifruit and a few chopped raw cashews / almonds / pumpkin seeds is a quick, comforting, sustaining and completely virtuous snack.

A second hugely health-supporting area that we are in control of is how and when we sleep. By happy coincidence, improving our nourishment in the way I just mentioned will also assist us in sleeping better! Win! Better nourishment -> better sleep -> better likelihood of making better choices….see what I did there?

Another easy win for quality sleep is being in control of our screen time. While it is tempting to crash in front of the TV or catch up on the latest social media offerings after what seems like a loooong day, try to limit your screen time to finish at least an hour before you go to bed. Be especially vigilant of teenagers in this regard - they really do have massive brain transformation going on (even though the mono-syllabic answers you get may leave you to raise a questioning eyebrow that it’s positive transformation), and need quality rest. I get it that screens are the tool for social connection but it’s so important to set limits, especially in the evening. Screens negatively affect sleep quality, regardless of how well we feel we go to sleep after engaging with them.

Ironically, setting the stage for a good night’s sleep actually starts when we wake up! Waking up at a fairly consistent time every day is important for maintaining a smooth circadian rhythm - it’s your body’s circadian rhythm that tells every cell within it when to function. Morning light exposure (outside, without sunglasses) is especially helpful for supporting our circadian rhythm. 15 minutes spent doing some gentle stretches, or a HIIT workout if you’re game, in the fresh air will do amazing things for your mind and body for the rest of the day. What a sense of accomplishment to start the day off on the right foot, and all just metres away from your door. (And I’m sure Joe Wicks would be delighted if you took him into your garden!) If it’s wet, wear a rain jacket - the weather is hardly ever so bad that you can’t get out and feel it hitting your face.

Everything I’ve mentioned in the Survival Guide is completely doable for each of us, but just reading it won’t make it a reality in your life. How is your motivation level generally? Did it pack itself up in a suitcase and sneak off to the Canaries without you? (What?! NO!!) Being in the right frame of mind to make positive health choices for yourself and your family can be tough at the best of times; perhaps you’re feeling right now that it’s completely futile. Please know that every positive action is worth it and will yield results. Taking action on the suggestions I’ve outlined in Part 1 and 2 of this guide will help. If your motivation is low just pick the first thing that resonated with you and integrate that into your life this week. Next week go for another one. Motivation builds as we enjoy successes - even the small ones work to create positive momentum.

To give yourself a kick start towards your vibrant future, or to get a helping hand to support you out of a hole, book a free discovery call with me: 30mins to find your inspiration and action (and a cheery postcard from your motivation) - choice is yours, don’t be late!


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