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3 ways to transform your Summer vibe into Autumn's healthy habits

I’m clinging on to the idea of summer for as long as I’ve got fingernails to cling with…..we’ll be back in the swing of school lunchboxes and homework all too soon! And I want to take the feel-good summer vibes with me as I set myself up for Autumn.

What have you noticed about your holiday vibe this summer? I’ve found that my sense of freedom and increasing opportunities to meet up with pals has actually been a bit of a double-edged sword and I need to pay a some attention to resetting my course; which I’m calling a mid-summer make over.

Here’s the actions that I’m taking to see out the rest of summer with a pep in my step and set the tone for my habits for the coming Autumn.

Indulge consciously

I’m looking at where I use the “I’m on holiday” excuse for making bad indulgence choices. Holidays are certainly the time for relaxation and indulgence, and it’s really worth enjoying both! However, make the indulgence a decent one – the average junk food we can buy at the supermarket does not make a holiday special. Instead, choose something that you can only get on holiday away from your home or really would consider to be a special treat and enjoy it. As for the other ‘run of the mill’ junk, put it back.

Drink mindfully

I like nothing better than a glass of sparkles with a good pal or a fresh cocktail with my hubbie while the kids enjoy the summer sun into the evening. And summer sun just lends itself to BBQs and wine. The best way to ease back the throttle is to know what you’re drinking and work it into a plan, much like the special indulgence idea – enjoy the glass of sparkles with your friends, but make the first drink sparkling water and then alternate between them, using the same glass for the water if that helps you to keep on track.

Wake up consistently

This very simple action really helps to avoid the pitfalls of holidays. If we get up at the same time every day our bodies can function optimally because every cell operates to a time clock. Haphazard or irregular sleep / wake patterns knock out those time clocks and can lead to haphazard eating patterns as well as leading us to make poor food choices and eat more of it! Getting up more or less at our normal time and starting the day with an egg and lightly cooked veg or a bowl of porridge and fresh summer berries is a beautifully simple way to stay on track with our health goals, have energy for the day and to keep the summer feel-good vibes going well into the Autumn!

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