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Sing for supper

Oh, what’s for dinner? Sigh. Are you anticipating drudgery, effort, complaints…..

I hear ya! Now stop. Collaborate and Listen….(cue late ‘80s rap anthem)

Maija is here with an excellent suggestion

Let colour grab a hold of you tightly

Flow into your food daily and nightly

Should it ever stop?

I don’t think so

Turn on the hob and let’s go!

In the kitchen, take the knife by the handle

Put on some tunes and light a nice candle


With bright veg in full bloom

Be easy and calm with a hormone boost mushroom

Happy, when you eat something salad-y

Anything less than fresh is a tragedy

Love it don’t leave it

Good food is the way

To hit your health bull's eye

That’s what I say!

You’ve got a health problem?

Then let’s solve it!

Don’t wait, just book! Your future, let’s evolve it!

How’s that for health advice with a beet? Ha! Hope you’re feeling it with me, cooking with colour and the funky tune! I had fun writing this one! Thanks to Vanilla Ice for the inspiration (hands up who knew that already? Go on, there has to be someone else who digs that tune….)

I’m fairly certain that if you’re grooving around the kitchen (to late ‘80s rap!) making something beautifully full of colour everyone will want to try what you’ve got going for dinner! And because singing is one of the best things you can do to lower cortisol, a.k.a. the stress hormone, just by spending some time singing your favourite tunes (maybe not late ‘80s rap? That’s OK) you’ll feel so good that if there are any dinner complaints, they won’t phase you at all! You can’t help but win on this one!

Drop me a line to work out how you can get some more of that good health buzz in your life!


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