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The top 3 Power Boosts for Superhero Immunity!

I’m willing to put money on the fact that at some point you, like me, have secretly harbored the desire to pull off that Wonder Woman transformational spin – from ordinary to amazing (with a spectacular hair flick!) I’d hazard a guess that this secret desire isn’t that far-fetched for the men reading this either – Wonder Woman does have the coolest Superhero transformation after all! It’s spectacularly simple, and enormously effective!

Imagine that you could achieve that transformation within yourself - to super-charge your immune resilience, ready to ward off the ‘badies’ in whatever form they present themselves?!

You can! Our diet and lifestyle decisions directly support or reduce that ability. It’s like choosing to wear that sleek, strong, colourful outfit that shows off your superhero skills or the tatty, faded version that doesn’t quite pass muster in the bad-guy busting game.

Power boost #1 – Nutrient ‘fire power upgrade’

The problem to overcome: In our modern lifestyle and easy access to food it has actually become commonplace to be nutrient deficient. We often eat the same things every week (or even every day). By eating a wide range of food that has been grown on land or sea, with the least possible interference, we build the best foundation to create and maintain our internal health forces.

Superhero action: Each week buy a vegetable that you don’t eat very much (or at all). Cook with it before the week is out. Simply searching Google for “recipes with [chosen veg]” will give you hundreds of results, choose the first one that takes your fancy!

Power boost #2 – Digestion ‘defence shield’

The problem to overcome: Inefficient digestion means that we cannot properly absorb the nutrients we eat. Working to ensure that we have proper levels of digestive juices is key to this super power. If you experience bloating, belching, gas, bowel upsets, feel heavy or sleepy after meals, have sinus trouble or regularly take antacids then you could do with support here.

Superhero action: Chew your food! Such a simple step – and immensely important to the process of absorption. The act of chewing signals to the rest of our digestive system that food is on the way and promotes secretion of all the juices needed for us make use of it! Lack of chewing = digestive inefficiency. Incorporate bitter greens into your day too. Just one handful daily of bitter greens, such as rocket, cress or mustard leaf, added to a salad is an excellent place to start.

Power boost #3 – Sleep ‘power enhancer’

The problem to overcome: Poor quality or not enough sleep means when we get exposed to a virus or other health challenge we are more likely to get sick and take longer to recover. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for our strong immunity. It’s all too easy for us to fall into the trap of thinking we’re a super hero because we start “our time” when the kids go to bed or when we’ve finished everything else on our to do list. This is actually us wearing our own villain’s cape.

Superhero action: Get outside in the morning! This helps to set your daily wake/sleep rhythm. This simple step alone can be hugely beneficial to resetting your sleep pattern. It’s even more beneficial for your immunity if you can make this a morning walk in a forest or by the sea. Another simple step is just go to bed at a reasonable hour – certainly before midnight. Write anything left over on your ‘to do’ list for the next day and lay your head down.

We cannot get strong immunity from a blister pack or entirely from a shot in the arm. The quality of our body’s immune function matters. Our best defence against the viruses and bacteria that might do us harm, as well as chronic and degenerative disease, is to build a strong immune function within our bodies.

Every step we take towards this goal makes a difference.

Work with me to upgrade to your superhero health today!


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