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The What and How of Being Well

I’ve been reflecting over the last few months on what it really takes to be well – and why so many of us are suffering under the yoke of unwellness or dis-ease and long-term ill-health. This situation of chronic unwellness is not new, and is increasing markedly year on year.

Perhaps the silver lining of this otherwise immobilising year has been the palpable shift in individual consciousness of personal responsibility for health. Sport shops can't keep bikes on the shop floor; Get Fit programmes are popping up everywhere and available at the click of a mouse. There is some great collective momentum happening here and certainly we each have the power to change our health circumstance for the better, or the worse.

However, to avoid the possibility of the eventual dwindling enthusiasm or stalling because we realise that we've bitten off more than we can chew it's really worth remembering that it's the small decisions we make every day that tell us most about how we subconsciously value our health and that either support or detract from our ability to be truly well, right now and over the longer term.

When we understand how to make small, daily choices to nourish our body and mind in the way that supports our own personal needs we can

  • sleep easily and naturally;

  • be calm on the inside and the outside;

  • have consistent energy throughout the day;

  • have a robust immune response; and

  • show up in the world looking and feeling vibrant

I think it's fair to say that, despite the recent flurry of activity, the perception that these attributes of good health are the luxury of the few ‘lucky ones' still exists. This really couldn't be further from the truth. They are attainable by all. There are two key aspects to achieving this for yourself:

  • The first, of course, is knowledge – knowing which decisions are likely to serve you well and which will serve you less

  • But the key to your personal health transformation is to understand HOW it applies to you specifically

Being able to take the knowledge and apply it to your life and daily habits is your membership pass to that seemingly elusive society of Really Well People. Luck is not a factor.

There are all manner of books, websites, blogs, social media posts, doctors’ and government health advice containing good, sometimes great, information which may contribute to your knowledge – no doubt you’ve read plenty of it. But ask yourself, if you are still stuck with the lack of any or all of the attributes I listed above then what have you gained by simply knowing what you know?

My mission is to help you realise yourself beyond what is holding you back from looking and feeling vibrant, energetic and calm. Greater than simply knowing that you should ‘eat right’ or 'get fit', the factors that best nourish your body and mind are dynamic and unique to your current circumstance, and most importantly are the ones you do every day. When you are guided to translate knowledge into personalised, actionable steps that you can integrate into your life your health transformation is no longer lucky, it's achievable.

To take your first actionable step to be guided by me book now.

I look forward to working with you to determine your next actionable steps towards looking and feeling vibrant!


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