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St. Patrick's Day seafood salad!

Inspired by St Patrick’s Day today we created this delicious and super easy seafood salad with an orange and green focus, served on a white plate for completeness of “the look”! Loads of fresh, brightly coloured veg, finished with a few slices of smoked salmon and cooked prawns to round out a really nourishing Sunday lunch for the whole family before we headed out to our local parade.

Happily, the sun shone on our parade today but even if it hadn’t I think we would have brought it with us as we were zinging from the nourishing omega fats and all that green goodness in our bellies!

Here’s a quick run-down of the recipe:

Salad: in a bowl gently toss ½ bag mixed salad leaves (watercress, rocket and spinach) 2 Little Gem lettuce, ripped into smallish pieces A handful of raw pumpkin seeds A handful of wild garlic leaves (foraged by our kids), ripped into smallish pieces 3-4 carrots, shaved / grated / spiralised and dressed with the fresh juice of ½ an orange ½ small pack mangetout, blanched (which made them amazingly green!) 1 sweet red pepper, cut into thin strips Juice of ½ a lemon For serving: arrange on the plate 1 tomato per person, cut into fancy shapes or simply quartered 2-3 leaves of smoked salmon per person 1 small pack of cooked prawns

Dressing: mix together and spoon over the seafood 2 teaspoons mayonnaise Juice of ½ lemon Sprinkling of dill

It looked super and tasted even better!

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